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Name & Description Number
Vaccine Adjuvant: Flagellin-Based Adjuvant for Tumor Cell Vaccines that binds TLR5 04A028
Antibodies: MARCO Antibodies for Enhanced Dendritic Cell Vaccine Efficacy 07MB004
Vaccine: Vaccines Using Synthetic Peptide-Poly IC Complexes that Elicit T-cell Responses Comparable to Live Vaccination 11MA013
Cell Surface Receptors: Cell Surface Receptor Antagonists Conjugated to Immunotherapeutics 14MA025N
TAG72-CD3: Bispecific Antibody for Targeted Cancer Immunotherapy 14MB072
Cancer Vaccine: Full-Length Variant Survivin Vaccine Potentiates Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in Multiple Myeloma 14MB098
TLR9: CARs (chimeric antigen receptors) that Recognize TLR9 16MA025
DOR: Delta opioid receptor ligand and anti-PD1 checkpoint inhibitor conjugates for immunotherapy of lung cancer 16MA029
AaPC: Artificial Antigen-Presenting Cells for Expanding TILs/MILs in Cancer Immunotherapy 16MB050
TAG72: CAR-T cell constructs (chimeric antigen receptors) that Recognize TAG72 16MB057
IL-13Rα2: CAR-T cell constructs (chimeric antigen receptors) that Recognize IL-13Rα2 16MB069
CD3-CD28: Bispecific Antibody for the Generation of CAR-T cells for Cancer Immunotherapy 17MA007
TILs: Simple and Rapid Method for Culture of TILs from Melanoma Tumor Fragments or Core Needle Biopsies of Solid Tumors 17MA012
TILs: Method to Increase TILs by Administering Fucose to a Patient 17MB048
CD83: CAR-T cell constructs (chimeric antigen receptors) that Recognize CD83 to prevent GVHD 18MA007
AaPC: Artificial Antigen-Presenting Cells with Heparin-Binding Domain and Protein L for Producing CAR-T Cells 18MA019N
TILs: A New Digest Method for the Preparation of TILs 18MA026N
Brain Mets: CAR-T Cell Constructs with Phage Display Derived Peptide Oligomers that Recognize Lung Cancer Brain Metastases 18MA059N
Antibodies: Fully Human anti-PD1 Antibodies 18MB061N
Antibodies: Fully Human anti-LAG3 Antibodies 18MB062N